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[Wakouwa] Army Gym SHOES High

[Wakouwa] Army Gym SHOES High

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Anatomica has developed a wooden type (last) from the original, and is a classic sneaker born after 12 sample production.

In order to emphasize the fitting above all, we have not been mail order until now, but since the "paper measurement sheet" that can measure the foot alone at home has been completed, it is the first official online shop.

As you can see from the term "Scientific Shoe Fitting", which is also written on the insole, it has an "asymmetric inside straight out curve" unique to the Orthodic shoes (medical orthodontic shoes).

Hold your feet on the arch, and the toe has a discarded dimension. This creates stress -free comfort. Ideally, it is a shoe with a discarded size, so there is no one to hit the toes. Ideally, you can feel more relaxed than the shoes you are wearing, and you can feel the arch of the arch.

We adopt a "Vulcanized method" that is not very adopted now. Rather than sewing the sneaker canvas upper and rubber sole, it is pushed to create a soft comfort that is closer to bare feet.

The paper measurement sheet can be printed from the following URL. Please be sure to print with "actual size".

Upper: 100%Cotton, Sole: 100%Rubber
Fabric: 100%cotton
Color: Natural
Size: 5H (23.5)/6 (24)/6h (24.5)/7 (25)/7h (25.5)/8 (26)/8h (26.5)/9 (27)/9h (27.5)/10 (28) )/10h (28.5)/11 (29)/11h (29.5) (cm)
Origin: Taiwan
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