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A classic product that has a classic silhouette that combines stylish elements.
TRENCH COAT has a single sleeve specification like Single Raglan.

Usually, two fabrics are sewn together in the center of the shoulder, but since one piece of dough is made in a cylindrical shape, a raglan sleeve is made, so there is no burden from the top of the shoulder to the cuffs, and the silhouette is beautifully dropped. born.
This sleeve, which is called a single sleeve, is a detail that requires advanced technologies that are now less likely to be adopted.

The pocket is equipped with a flap -type penetrating storm pocket.
You can access the jacket pocket in the court smoothly.

The cuff strap and the waist belt of the genuine leather buckle attached to the sleeves and waist are narrowed down to prevent rain and wind from entering.

The neck is a classic specification with "Hook and I -Ei (Kagigetsu) and Chin Warmer (Collar Cover)".

The material is like the Single Raglan series.
Uses the original high -density cotton gabazine. Boasts high water repellency.
It is one point where you can spend comfortably on rainy and snowy days.

Fabric: 100%cotton
Color: Black
Origin: Japan

Size Chart (Unit: cm)

 size 38 44 46
50 52 54
Length 99 101 105.5 106 106 107 107.5
Width 55 57 61 62 64 67 70
Sleeve length 80 81 85 86 87 88 89
cuff 31 31.5 35.5 36 36.5 37 37.5
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