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5536 Deep Inside of Navy Blue

5536 Deep Inside of Navy Blue

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35Summers, which works on Anatomica and Rocky Mountain Featherbed.
Kinji Teramoto's first book, our CEO, and is widely known as one of the leading vintage collectors in the apparel industry.

This 5536 Deep Inside of Navy Blue by Kinji TERAMOTO is a hobby practical book that Teramoto created with a heart 55 years old.
This book is a rare dark blue clothing.
While unraveling precious vintage materials, we dig into dark blue and verify.
Not only photos and sentences, but also gimmicks, such as pages with actual fabric swatches.
It is a book of a gem that you can enjoy like a geek.

This book has been completed with the desire to help those who aim for creation as a living in the future.
By the time you finish reading, various ideas may be overflowing from the brain.

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beside 15
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